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Check-Ups & Exams

Whether you are a worry wart or simply coming in for an annual exam, rest assured that your companion will be treated gently and examined thoroughly for common maladies particular to his or her individual species, sex, age, breed and geographic locale. Recommendations from our doctors are restricted to only those tests you and the staff agree are in the the best interests of your pet. Our goal is to simplify the confusing and painful decision making process so that you make informed and effective decisions regarding your pet’s healthcare. Our in-house laboratory features cost-effective and rapid results. Your test results can be received less expensively and in many cases you will have test results during your office visit.

Spays & Neuters

The staff at Willits Veterinary Hospital believes that an important part of responsible pet ownership is preventing unwanted pregnancy. By promoting the benefits of pet sterilization, we hope to ensure as many animals as possible can enjoy the companionship of a family who loves them. At Willits Veterinary Hospital, ovariohysterectomies and castrations are performed with the latest in anesthesia and patient monitoring technologies. Combined with appropriate pain management, our staff will work to ensure that your pet’s sterilization procedure is smooth and followed by a rapid and relatively pain free recovery.


Willits Veterinary Hospital utilizes microchipping technology from Datamars through Through Datamars, pet owners have access to an online database where you can register your pet, search for a lost pet, and more. Your pet’s microchip can be placed quickly and painlessly by one of our technicians on appointment or while your pet is sedated or anesthetized for another procedure.

Quality of Life Consultation

Saying goodbye to your best friend is one of hardest decisions anyone can be asked to make. The decision to perform euthanasia can also be a final act of love for a pet whose quality of life or pain has become unmanageable. At Willits Veterinary Hospital we appreciate how difficult this decision can be and we will make every effort to guide you through the decision making process so that you have clarity in this time of grief. Local cremation services allow you to make a decision regarding your pet’s final resting place on your own terms; be it a special place in your home or somewhere you enjoyed together in life.

Pain Management

Be it post-operative pain, pain induced by acute or chronic disease or your pet is experiencing pain as a result of an injury, the staff at Willits Veterinary Hospital is trained to recognize and treat pain appropriately and safely. We will also guide you in selecting a pain protocol which suits your budget. Pre-operative pain consultation helps the doctors plan ahead and anticipate pain helping them tailor your pet’s pain management to their health status, level of pain, and your budget.