Shell Poole

Shell Poole



    Shell was born and raised in South Florida, where she grew up with a house full of dogs and cats. After graduating high school, Shell went on to start her college career at Florida State University. With the completion of her freshman year came the realization that taking the next year off from school was in her best interest.

    Shell filled her time away from school by picking up a job at dog rescue. It was there that she discovered her deeper love for the field of veterinary medicine. She decided to pursue her calling to become a veterinary technician, and made the move to Colorado in 2015. She completed CMC’s vet tech program in the spring of 2019, and became a Willits Vet team member later that year.

    The four-legged rescue loves in her life include her goodest boy, Cletus, and her gray kitty-cat named Mickey. In her spare time, Shell is always up for going on new adventures. She enjoys traveling, going on volunteer trips, hiking, cooking, and trying new things.