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Willits Veterinary Hospital is currently hiring!

Please see the job descriptions below for more information.

Certified Veterinary Technician

Are you tired of all the drama in your current workplace? Are you feeling like nothing ever changes and you have no control over your vet tech career? Maybe you’re a new veterinary technician graduate looking to land on your feet at just the right veterinary hospital…..well, maybe you just found it! Our growing veterinary hospital in the Aspen, CO area has a laid-back environment where work-life balance is of utmost importance to our entire team. Advanced techniques and the latest in veterinary medicine and equipment are at your fingertips, along with a strong, caring leadership team that fully appreciates your skill set and abilities. If you’re ready to leave the drama behind and put a smile on your face when you wake up each day, and are a Certified Veterinary Technician then we’d love to meet you. We offer competitive compensation, flexible scheduling and a comprehensive benefits package including paid vacation, continuing education, health insurance, 401k, and a generous pet care discount. 

Please send cover letter and resume to maureen@willitsvet.com

Veterinary Technician Assistant

Ready to pursue your dream of working with animals? Our Veterinary Technician Assistant team is in need of an individual who’s able and eager to learn the ropes of working in a veterinary hospital. Willits Veterinary Hospital is a growing veterinary hospital in the Aspen, CO area has a laid-back environment, which is supportive of learning and professional growth. Flexible scheduling, a fantastic workplace culture, strong mentorship and training, paired with all the puppy and kitten kisses you can handle are just a few of the many benefits of joining our team. If you’re ready to explore your veterinary career, our licensed Technicians and veterinarians would love to meet you. We offer competitive compensation, flexible scheduling, and a comprehensive benefits package including paid vacation, health insurance, 401k, and a generous pet care discount. Experience preferred but not necessary.

Please send a resume and cover letter to maureen@willitsvet.com

Customer Service Representative

We don’t have rainbow unicorns, but we do have cuddly puppies and kittens, and our customers are the people who love them! Willits Veterinary Hospital is a growing veterinary hospital with a hospital in Basalt and in the Glenwood Springs area, we are in search of an outgoing, friendly, and organized individual to join our hospitality and customer care team. Flexible scheduling, a fantastic workplace culture, and all the puppy and kitten cuddles you can handle are just a few of the many perks of joining our team. If you enjoy making people’s days, go out of your way to make others smile, and technology is your friend, then we’d love to make your acquaintance. We offer competitive compensation, flexible scheduling, and a comprehensive benefits package including paid vacation, health insurance, 401k, and a generous pet care discount.

Please send a resume and cover letter to maureen@willitsvet.com

Veterinary Hospital Concierge

Willits Veterinary Hospital exists to serve our community of Willits, CO and the surrounding area by providing quality, affordable veterinary care with honesty, integrity and compassion.

The Hospital Concierge has the primary responsibility for oversight and implementation of our strategic plan, which includes the seamless communication of our entire team, and the continued improvement of our business, including our workplace culture. This practice team member must have the ability to look creatively at the ‘big picture’ and identify the specific steps necessary to carry out the owners’ decisions, and to work with all staff through the implementation process. They must be able to differentiate between major and minor issues as they relate to the care of patients, staff and clients. The Hospital Concierge must have time management skills and personal self-confidence in order to moderate and resolve differences between staff members in all matters that impact patient services, client services, or clients’ perception of quality of service. Strong organizational and communication skills are required, along with the ability to motivate and inspire staff in a positive and constructive manner.

The Hospital Concierge should possess the skills to organize the day, lead and execute frequent meeting huddles, and assure that patient and client care are prioritized appropriately. They should also be able to handle misdirected negative emotion and behavior. Additionally, they must be able to hold people accountable to their commitments and responsibilities while exhibiting a supportive and encouraging attitude towards staff. It is of utmost importance that favoritism is not shown amongst staff members. Flexibility with regard to unexpected requests taking priority over planned duties is also expected. The Hospital Concierge must be able to lead by example, and problem-solve when needed in order to improve team morale, and/or enhance our hospital systems. Professional dress and demeanor is required.

Willits Veterinary Hospital Concierge Daily Care Goals

CARE for our clients by: Keeping the lines of communication open throughout the entire organization so that team members know who to go to, when needed.
Working with the leadership team to ensure consistent communication with the team in regards to any changes to protocol or standards.
Maintaining and supporting a hospital-wide open-door policy that builds trust and relationships.

CARE for our patients by:
Being a part of daily rounds, huddles and/or weekly meetings, discussing protocols for care and treatments.
Sharing resources and maintaining strong relationships with the Client Service Team, the Technician Team and the entire Doctor team.

CARE for our co-workers by:
Showing appreciation and respect for all team members throughout the organization.
Working together with the management and leadership teams to model unity to the entire staff.
Promoting health and well-being in the workplace by assuring staff and doctors are taking appropriate lunch breaks.

CARE for our workplace by:
Practicing what we preach and teaching others to own up to their actions through our own behavior.
Providing open communication in a positive manner.
Listening to all sides without judgment before offering our own thoughts to get the team moving forward in a positive manner.

CARE for our medicine by:
Assuring medical records match all invoiced line items, and that medical records are completed in a timely manner.
Consistent prioritization of the hospital and surgery workflow, supporting the Technician Team and the entire Doctor team to accomplish the scheduled care of all patients in a timely manner.


  • Client Management
    • Coach our staff and model the delivery of high levels of service at all times, in order to elevate the Willits client experience.
    • Monitor and assist with telephone calls to assure an outstanding client experience. Answer all overflow incoming calls, as well as place client call-back calls OR fill prescriptions (dependent on medical knowledge) to assist the Technician Team with their caseloads.
    • Schedule clients for their surgical, dental, and hospital discharge appointments.
    • Monitor appointment scheduling of doctors (for example, even distribution, smart scheduling, adequate time for complicated cases, client preference, doctor preference, proper use of e-slots, etc.) and coach staff to schedule strategically.
  • Patient Management
    • Deliver high levels of patient care at all times at both facilities through delegation, in the exam rooms and in our hospital ward.
    • Assure that patient comfort is observed at all times while in our care.
    • Know our standards of preventive care so that not only you know them and can communicate them to our clients, but that you also deliver and uphold these standards of care throughout the organization.
  • Financial Management
    • Work closely with management on handling financial matters with clients, empowering the practice to come to positive resolutions when financial concerns are expressed.
    • Ensure that revenue transactions are being properly recorded and all services are being billed through regular, random chart audits. C. Prepare accurate estimates with the assistance/approval of the CVTs/DVMs.
  • Human Resources Management
    • Responsible for daily lunch schedules and coordination of staff breaks, providing coverage at the front desk and other areas of the hospital to assure everyone takes time to eat and rehydrate.
    • Responsible for planning and leading morning and afternoon “huddles”, whereby everyone is gathered in up to 2 small groups to discuss patient care and hospital needs in 5 minutes or less.
  • Marketing Management
    • Responsible for all lobby and exam room marketing displays including, but not limited to slideshows, brochures, and front desk displays. Construct puppy packages.
  • Facilities Management
    • Coach and lead by example so that staff recognize and uphold the Willits standards of cleanliness and facility presentation to the public for both buildings.
    • Oversee the day-to-day facility operations via the delegation of duties and follow-through accountability to appropriate personnel.

Team Work: All team members are responsible for creating a positive, fun team oriented place to work by trusting and supporting one another. At Willits Veterinary Hospital we work towards our goals together through hard work and communication to make our hospital better each day.

Personal Goals: As the Willits Hospital Concierge you are responsible for completing goals that improve your skills and sharing your education with the entire team, when appropriate.

Please note: Every employee works for Willits Veterinary Hospital as a whole, not only for a particular supervisor or department. Accordingly, employees are expected to act in the best interest of the hospital, even if doing so requires actions or responsibilities not listed in the above job description. This job description is provided for informational purposes only and is subject to revision by management when client needs and patient-services requirements change. Dated: June 28, 2021